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Moderators Status Role
aceswins Honorary None
ambacht21 Active Chat / Media
black_legolas Active Chat / Media
boarbagon Active Chat / Media
cjay92 Active Chat
daleandrewdarling Active Media
derpina276 Active Chat
drushy Honorary None
ermakrocco Active Chat
geterix Active Chat
GlobalTheory Honorary None
katsuni Honorary None
leppard10 Active Chat
platinumfix Active Chat
shinchimax Active Chat
swissboy Honorary None
tonnie90 Active Chat

List is being updated as I speak with the moderators


Before we even start, there's a very important rule that I want all of us to be aware: DO NOT unban a person that was banned by another moderator, unless the same person that banned allowed, or memb itself.

- No Spoilers
This is a very specific memb rule. Basically, noone like to be spoiled, and therefore, cannot stand having the recorded game that they're watching or is about to be watched, spoiled. Even if we are not watching any recorded games, spoilers are not to be allowed.

Recommended Action:
Imediate purge, with a warning via whisper stating that they should be careful, and that spoilers of no kind, regarding the games played in that channel are to be allowed. Also, whenever you feel someone is about to spoil something on the channel, please take your time, and write down in the chat "Remember that spoilers are not allowed guys :) ".

- Rudeness / Harassment / Bashing
This is an obvious one to ban out, but I've seen way too many times, it just go by. If there's any bashing towards ANY streamer / viewer / player is to be acted upon. That doesn't mean that opinions aren't to be used, but "X sucks so hard" followed by "Yes he's a dick, can't stand him" and everyone jumping on the bagwagon, is to be stopped. As for being rude, its very common sense wise, so I'll leave that to you, but beware of the difference of trolling/ironic and being straight out rude. Harassment isn't allowed at all - things like "I'd like to *** memb's wife" "I'm gonna find you memb" "you suck balls memb" or towards ANY of the family members are NOT allowed! Not even trolling. Theres some trolling that will include some of these, and THOSE are to be allowed only for long lasting viewers and watched upon on a case to case basis, and decided. But this is definitely the hardest one to decide upon.

Recommended Action:
I gotta say, this one will most likely not even go through a whisper warning, let alone purge of the chat, and straight out into a 10 minute timeout and / or ban as this is one of the highest offense to be done. So yeah, depending on how serious it is, timeout first, whisper later, or if its not too bad, warn him first, and go along with the rest of the process.

- Rude and / or innapropriate nicknames
You know... The typical hater, that drops in and likes to keep on following with rude names, cause he got banned / timedout / purged, etc? Yeap those ones. Also the ones that have any sort of nigga, dick, etc etc, in the nicknames are to be removed from the channel and asked to make a new one, if they want to interact with memb's channel.

Recommended Action:
Yeah. Ban, there's nothing else to do. Their nickname will place memb in trouble, therefore we don't need them in the chat / channel.

- Twitch Banned Words or Subjects
The best place to read what it is, is here: . This webpage will sum up very nicely whats allowed or not, much better than I would do.

Recommended Action:
Same. Ban/Timeout. Immediate. There's really not alot to say. Any of these words will get memb in trouble, if he gets reported. So, you may allow for VERY specific reasons, a warning before a timeout, but there are little to no reasons, for you to be afraid of just use the timeout / ban button.


(this list is being reviewed daily)

- Install BTTV (Better Twitch TV)
- /mods (list all the mods)
- /ban and /unban
- /timeout
- /slow and /slowoff (will make the chat go slow)
- /subscribers and /subscribersoff (subscribers chat only mode)
- /clear (clears the chat)
- !betting help
- !links
- !subs
- !updatetitle TITLEHERE (self-explanatory)
- !addcmd !commandaddedhere command (Example: !addcmd !memb MEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMB )
- !editcmd !commandthatneedsediting command (Example: !editcmd !schedule Today memb's gonna be aguasome again)
- !commands (towards us moderators)
- !cmdlist (viewers commands)
- !updategame gamethatmembsplaying
- !permit username (will give that username 1 min to post any links, be careful when doing this)



- /color (changes your chat color)
- !top 10
- !top 14
- !requestsong
- !check user (will check their membeuros)
- !song (current song, when playlist is active)